The “Golden Years” are really the “Unstoppable Years.”

When three voices come together to release decades of bottled-up melodic passion, something wonderful happens.

Act Three ™ is a harmonious trio based in Southern California, pulsating with music magnetism unlike any other. Though they stepped away from their dream of singing for decades, Judy, Billy and Lynn followed their desire to sing and formed Act Three

The fantastically talented crooners, who presented their latest concert, Once Upon a Dream, at New York City’s famed Carnegie Hall in October 2014, featured solo and group performances of Broadway melody favorites by Gershwin, Porter and Sondheim.  

At a time when most people are planning their retirements, Lynn is embarking on a musical reincarnation – and there’s no stopping her now. Dreams can come true – even if it takes fifty years.


Once Upon a Dream Movie Trailer

Act Three PerformancesAct Three PerformancesAct Three PerformancesAct Three PerformancesAct ThreeAct Three
Photo: Amy Cantrell
Photo: Richard Termine